Camille Rossy | Does Size Matter? – In Small Refrigerators Silly!

Does Size Matter? – In Small Refrigerators Silly!

Bosch 24" bottom freezer

Bosch 24″ bottom freezer

Miele 24" Integrated Refrigerator Freezer

Miele 24″ Integrated Refrigerator Freezer

Fisher Paykel Water in Door

Fisher Paykel Water in Door

Ever try to put 10 lbs of potatoes in a 5 lb bag?  Then you know what it’s like to design a small kitchen in NYC.  We are always seeking ways to maximize use and storage while staying within our very real (real estate) limitations.
We’ve been on the hunt for the proper refrigerator for a new project that will begin early next year.  Here are some of specifics of what we found:
SubZero (above right) is back! They are once again making a 24” refrigerator freezer. It’s built-in with plenty of space (although the freezer may be small for some), all behind a single door for a very clean look.  The height is 84″ as are many of the integrated units.
Bosch is offering a 24″  refrigerator freezer, also 84″ high and they’ve added an ice-maker.
Fisher Paykel offers a shorter appliance, if you don’t have room for the 84” height of other brands. They also offer an option for a space-saving, recessed handle and an ice-maker and water in the door.
Liebherr offers integrated and freestanding models and a variety of heights (above left).  The freestanding 24″ x 80″ has a little more space, but not the clean look, of the built-in.
Miele also offers a unit with a single door and ice.

In addition, there are good options from Blomberg, Smeg and Summit.

Built-in vs. freestanding – Built-in is certainly more cohesive, especially in a small space, but it comes at a square foot cost. Freestanding (for most brands) definitely gives you more storage.
Ice – Luckily many brands have updated and we found ice-makers at every price point.
Water – Only one brand, that we saw, had an option for water in the door, a possible alternative: add an instant cold-filtered water system at the sink.
Special features – Many brands had systems to filter internal air and keep food fresher longer.
Price – Quite the swing from a high of $6,000 down to $1,900 – there is something for every budget.
What’d we pick? We’ll show you when the project is complete!

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