Camille Rossy | Should You Stay or Should you Go?

Should You Stay or Should you Go?

Of course you should go! Renovations can be stressful!
Even more so, if you have to live in the space while work is going on.
Sure, it’s ideal to move out during a renovation, but that’s not always possible.
Here are a few tips for the making this time less nerve-wracking:

1. Set your expectations, renovations are dirty, noisy and take longer than you plan.
2. Pack up what you can and, if possible, store your temporarily-unnecessary items off-site.
3. Can’t get storage off-site? Box up and cover everything you can, even in the closets – dust knows no boundaries.
4. If you’re working on the kitchen, set up a temporary kitchen where ever you can
– Coffee pot, microwave, fridge, takeout menus, and disposable (biodegradable) plates and utensils.
5. If you’re working on a bath make sure your gym membership is up-to-date. If you only have one bathroom you’ll need a place to shower
6. Make sure the contractor seals off the rooms you are living in. There are many different types of dividers.
– Some even zip closed if you need to pass through the work zone. However, remember, dust knows no boundaries.
7. Send pets to Grandma’s – or perhaps daycare. It not only keeps them out of they way but also away from the action, so they won’t stress.
8. Plan a trip, business or pleasure, a few days away will go far in restoring your sanity.
9. Set work hours or know what your buildings allows, this way no one shows up while your still in the shower.
10. Close your eyes – Go to your happy place – Think about how great this will all be when it’s done!

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